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        1FOSHAN CITY NANAHAI GREENLAND LIQUID MECHANISM CO.,LTD. Located in Guangdong,China, is a professional manufacturer of good quality hose reel producets.The main products include automatic garden hose reel,air hose reel,cable reel,reel-box and ladder stool,etc.

        Our factory covers an area of 20000 square meters. There are 3 modern production lines and 8pcs injection machines here.Our anual production capability is 160000pcs.For over 20 years manfacture and management experience,we have got ISO 9001:2000 and  TUV certification.

       We can’t promise price but quality! Trust is the basic of business.Wishing to establish a long-term relationship with you!

       If you are interested in our products,pls feel free to contact me any time! Look forward to receiving your inquiry.

       And we are not only a hose reel supplier,we are also a hose reel solutions company who can give you new design products based on your requirements.

TEL:400-123-4567    FAX:+86-123-4567    EMAIL: